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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Not long ago there was a lot of talk about the use of facial recognition technology (face scanner) at Bandung Station. Elsam Executive Director, Wahyudi Djafar, explained that the implementation of this technology has several problems.

One of them is biometric data in the Personal Data Protection Law (PDP Law) which is specific data. This requires a high level of protection and the consent of the data subjects.

“Even in processing it requires explicit consent from the data subject,” said Wahyudi CNBC IndonesiaTuesday (21/11/2023).

However, Wahyudi explained that the public does not yet understand the context of using biometric technology at PT KAI. Including related data processing policies.

“Let me give an example like this. There is a facial registration process. How is this data stored? Will KAI continuously store facial recording data or will it be immediately destroyed when people board?”

He also questioned the purpose of using the data. Because, so far it is known that KAI only uses this data to verify and authenticate train passengers who will be boarding.

Meanwhile, the use of biometric data is usually used for risky purposes. For example, in financial and banking transactions.

“Then the question arises: the goal is only verification and authentication when passengers are boarding. Why do you have to use biometric data? Even though other data doesn’t have a higher risk, it can be done,” he said.

Long before the implementation of facial recognition, train passengers who wanted to board only needed to show their ticket with an identity card. According to Wahyudi, in principle it is actually enough to only use certain data.

“In processing personal data, there is a specific goal, there is a principle of data minimization. To achieve specific data, it is actually enough to use any data. It is enough to process any data,” explained Wahyudi.

“If the goal is solely for boarding, why then use biometric data?” he questioned.

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