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Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaMaybe, you get health insurance from your workplace but unfortunately, that insurance is not equipped with maternity benefits. Is it good to buy maternity insurance as an individual policy?

Maternity benefits provided by insurance from your workplace may be a privilege for you. But never rush to buy it in the form of an individual policy.

Before you buy maternity insurance, know the following things.

Maternity insurance is an added benefit

To get maternity insurance, you must buy health insurance first. This is because giving birth is an extension of benefits, the same as dental care.

By having health insurance, your annual expenses will also increase because there are premiums that must be paid.

Not to mention, there are additional benefits that must also be paid.

There is a waiting period

When you decide to buy maternity insurance, you must buy it while you are not yet pregnant. This is because there is a waiting period that lasts approximately one year.

If pregnancy occurs during the waiting period, the insurance still cannot be used to pay birth costs claims.

So why is it that maternity insurance from the office can be used immediately and without a waiting period?

Office insurance is often called group insurance. In one policy, the insurance can cover many people in one company.

The requirements for this group insurance are more flexible and generally this insurance does not have a waiting period.

Expensive premiums if you use an individual policy

Make no mistake, maternity insurance premiums tend to be expensive. This is because giving birth is not a health risk, but rather something that is desired or even planned.

In general, the comparison of annual premium costs and maternity coverage is not much different. Sometimes, collecting your own costs independently is actually better than buying maternity insurance.

However, it should be remembered that whether a premium is expensive or cheap certainly depends on the financial strength of the person concerned. It would be a good idea for you to discuss this with the insurance company concerned.

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