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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Currently, the internet acts as a “support” for human life. This is evident from the chaotic life of the Australian people due to the internet being completely down for nine hours.

Launching from Reutersone of Australia’s largest internet service providers (ISP), Optus, was completely down for nine hours. According to the same report, a complete internet shutdown has overwhelmed the lives of Sydney residents. Special needs retiree, Chris Rogers, can’t even buy medicine due to electronic prescriptions that can’t be filled,

“Because [internet] off, can’t loading. The drug exchange place is not working. “Crazy, I’ve never seen chaos like this,” said Rogers, quoted on Saturday (11/11/2023).

Not only Rogers, millions of other Australians are also unable to make transactions to buy goods, order taxis online, receive medical services, or make telephone calls. The service going down has a big impact as Optus is the provider of 40 per cent of internet services across Australia.

According to Reuters, events in Australia show the risks of the economy moving completely online.

According to Australian central bank data, throughout 2019-2022 cash transactions in Australia were cut by half. Today, only 16 percent of transactions in Australia are made using cash. Additionally, a quarter of doctor appointments are conducted online.

“We are now very dependent on telehealth and electronic messaging systems,” said the chairman of one of the Australian doctors’ associations, Michael Clements.

A security officer, Angela Ican, was even lost due to a total internet shutdown.

“I looked for a bank and because my cellphone and Google didn’t work, I didn’t know where to go,” said Ican.

Meanwhile, office workers in Sydney are reportedly unable to enter the office because the office building doors use smart locks that can only be opened with an application mobile.

Then, a shop owner was forced to rely on promises from customers to pay after the internet was restored because the electronic payment system could not be used.

“Our daily turnover is usually up to 3,200 AUD (or around Rp. 31.9 million assuming an exchange rate of Rp. 9,982/AUD) and we lost sales of 1,000 AUD (or around Rp. 9.98 million) this morning,” said the owner of a kiosk in Sydney, Roderick Geddes.

A Sydney resident said that the internet was completely down and his cat couldn’t eat. This is because the internet is down, causing electronic cat feeding devices connected to WiFi to not work. Supposedly, the electronic device automatically feeds the cat at 6 am.

According to Reutersthe company owned by the telecommunications giant from Singapore, Singtel, has not provided an official statement regarding the reason for the mass internet disconnection from that morning to the afternoon.

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